• A payment acceptance platform on your website

    We will make payments on your site more convenient, understandable and easier for your customers.

  • A payment acceptance platform on your website

    Our payment platform will simplify the payment process on your website

A payment acceptance
platform on your

Payment system for your website!


Quick connection and simple integration

The connection process will take less than 15 minutes. We have simplified the process of integration to the maximum: fill out the request on our website - sign the contract - integrate the needed modules into your CMS - accept payments.

Convenient API lets you integrate our platform without any difficulties and special knowledge. If you do not have a shopping cart - just create a payment button in your personal account without any help from programmers. Or send the invoice to a client's email, the payment link will be in the letter.
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Low commission and flexible terms

We appreciate long-term business relationships with our clients much more than fast income. That is why we have balanced our costs to the maximum and lowered commission on payments to a minimum. Commission level is calculated individually for each client, it depends on your business type, payment volume per month and the amount of payments. There is no activation fee or licensing fee. We will select the best rate and set of technological functions for your maximum convenience.

One click payments

Repeated purchases are processed according to a simplified scheme. We will make payments on your website more convenient, understandable and easier for customers. With the help of this service your clients will need to enter their payment card details only once for the first purchase. All subsequent purchases will be done in one click. All data is stored at the Visa/MasterCard payment system level. Buyer will need to enter only his verification CVV code, which is located on the back of the payment card.

Money reserving

Reserved funds on the card stay reserved for up to 20 days without the actual write off. The write off happens only after you confirm the payment. If the goods are made in your store to order or if the total cost of the reserve amount cannot be confirmed at the time of purchase, this service is extremely crucial for you. You can customize your reserve money settlement on any day based on your discretion or make a confirmation of the write off in your personal account.

Anti-fraud system

We ensure safety of cash and protection of our clients with the help of a multilevel transaction monitoring system. This system consists of automatic and manual checks of suspicious transactions that allows for risk minimization and reliably to prevent our users from online defrauders.

We will detect unreliable clients in case of a fraudulent payment processing activity. By acting this way, we will save you huge expenses, rid you of unnecessary problems and also give you consulting assistance in proving your case in court

Recurring payments

Regular payments allow you to create templates for future payment processing. Whether it is a single payment or a regular payment, after creating and setting up a schedule of payments from the client no further actions will be needed. Payments will be fulfilled automatically according to the given schedule of payments. The client receives only SMS or a letter by email about upcoming payments. With this service regular payments are a convenient way to pay for utilities and goods, top up mobile phone accounts, internet accounts or hosting for your website.

Invoice service

Issue invoices to your clients via email or text message. This is an online service for remote issuing of invoices to your customers by email or by text message. You only need to fill out the form on the website and choose a way to transfer funds. Your client will receive a notification about the issued invoice along with the a list of products or services and prices. All your client will need to do is to tap the PAY button and choose any convenient payment method.

Card to card transfers on your website

We offer you a service not only to attract an extra audience to your website, but also to earn pleasant bonuses. All you need to do is to place the P2P transfer plugin into your website. According to the terms of partnership, you will get an income in the form of commission from every transfer done on your website. You will be able to see transfer statistics and number of successfully completed transactions on your website in your WayForPay personal account system.

World Sales

We are interested in the development of your business and provide extra services and opportunities. Increase your sales all over the world with Wayforpay. If your shop does business all over the world, this service will let you increase the amount of customers you may have. The payment page of your website will automatically be shown in your customers' languages and the currency of their country.


We provide a technological solution for lending organization's websites that lets you organize lending online. We will provide you with borrower card verification services, evaluate credit rating with the help of our own scoring system, decrease the load on your bookkeeping with the usage of convenient mechanisms for verification and integration with any accounting systems. The whole lending process will take less than 15 minutes and will be done by our closed type technology "credit request - credit of funds - loan repayment". It will be easy for your clients to repay loans entering only the amount of money and the payment card number in your personal account or just configure regular payment service and do not bother yourself with the manual work at all.


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Our benefits

Shopping Cart Work

WayForPay service specialists will help you increase the amount of sales with the help of those clients, who you considered to be lost. We control and analyze the process of purchase completion for your clients. If the payment transaction was cancelled for any reason, we will send a notification with a step-by-step guide for further actions or will contact the client by phone directly. The result of our work will mean 50% of incomplete transactions become successful


Individual approach

We only use individual approach for each client. We learn the specifics and particularities of your business, select the most optimal rates and technical solutions. Taking into account your wishes and needs, we will build workflow interaction. Our qualified specialists have extensive experience and provide you technical and organizational support 24/7 from the moment of service integration.


Convenient personal account

It is easy to control your business with WayForPay. In real-time, you can control all your financial transactions in your account, see payment statistics, get full information about transactions, automatically form basic documents (acts, tax, bills) and many other things. You can confirm any transaction, cancel it or get your money back manually.


Payment page design

We take good care of your brand, that is why we offer individual design for your payment page. The page, where your customer enters payment card data, will fit into the concept of your website perfectly. It will be designed according to your specifications, in your corporate colors and with your logo. This will have a positive effect on your clients' purchasing power and simplify the purchase process.


Flexible processing

Our service cooperates several banks - acquirers, providing uninterrupted flow of payments. If one bank does not respond to the request for any reason, the transaction will automatically be redirected to another bank. Working on the principle of cascade processing, we guarantee payment stability, and as a result, an increase of sales conversion and customer loyalty.


Payment widget

The payment widget is a convenient payment solution for online shops. A payment form will surface over all the other elements of your website, motivating your client to make a payment for the product. Just install our payment script into your website and payments will be made directly, without a redirect to the processing company's website. All that your customer will have to do is to enter minimum data for payment: card number, card validity and CVV code.
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