WayForPay Freelance –
simple payment solution for freelancers

Accept payments for your services from customers from all over
the world to your current account or via card.
Payments from foreign customers
Receive payments from anywhere in the world. The system allows you to accept any countries' Visa/MasterCard payments.
Quick start
To accept payment, you must register in the system to be able to accept payments for your services.
Payment passability control
Solutions that will allow you to simply accept payments from foreign customers without worrying that the payment can be declined.
Available tariff rates
No connection fees and hidden fees. You pay only for successful payments.
We provide a high level of payment security, protection against online payment card fraud.
Payment solutions
Choose an option for accepting payments from customers and methods of receiving payments.

Simple payment solution for freelancing

Simple connection

Registration in the system
Accept payments
from customers
to your personal account

Simple method of receiving payments

Generate electronic invoices (bills), or receive payments at your website via the "buy" button
Generate an electronic invoice for the amount necessary in your personal account and send it to the customer via SMS or e-mail.
Set the online payment option for the "buy" button if you have a fixed services costs.
Receive payments
to your current account.
Receive payments via card.
Make receiving payments for services easier, more convenient and more profitable
with a payment solution for freelancers by WayForPay
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