Sales accounting system and tool for receiving payments

Issue invoices to customers, create QR for payments in a couple of clicks. Manage products on the website or in the electronic menu.

Create products
Own showcase
Create showcase. Add products and categories to the product showcase. Create invoices for customers by adding the required products.
Fast start
Simple Designer allows you to quickly create and update products. Add products, their types and categories.
Analogue of a POS terminal
Create invoices and generate a payment QR. To pay, the client just needs to scan QR with mobile and pay.
Control of paid orders
View order payments and statistics in your personal account or receive payment notifications in instant messengers.
Additional options
Create an online store based on your showcase, a menu for a restaurant or a bot for sales in messengers.
Add the required payment method, without additional integration:. Google Pay, Apple Pay, cards, etc. Sell even in installments online.

Accept payments in an offline point or issue invoices for accepted orders in instant messengers

Create products and instantly checkout customer orders.

It is enough to click on the item to add it to the invoice. The invoice can be sent to the client's email / phone, create a payment link or a payment QR-code

Create a showcase

How does Showcase work?

Creating products
Sign in WayForPay. In Payment Instruments, in the Showcase menu create products.
Create an invoice by clicking on the required products in the showcase. You can send an invoice to the client by phone/email or accept payment at an offline point by generating a payment QR.
Control your payment in the Sales menu. Track payment of all invoiced customers.

Pending accounts

For example, a client ordered 2 items, and the specification for the third item will be sent later. In the showcase, you can start generating an invoice from the received order and postpone the position for the additional order by the client.

Create products and varieties

The showcase can create items and their types (e.g. clothing size or weight portions). Limit the number, add categories.

Control orders

Control your billing payments in your personal account, View payment status, customer details and make a refund if necessary.

What about the rates?

Commission only for additional options and only for successful payments

Create a showcase

You can also use the Showcase for

QR Menu
Free electronic menu for a cafe or restaurant

Create a menu where visitors can get acquainted with dishes and place your order

Sales in the messengers
Sell goods or services in messengers

Create your bot for selling on Telegram

Shop Online
Create a website where the customer can arrange and pay for the order

Simple Site Designer, the delivery module and integrated popular payment methods