Popular payment methods in a single platform

Easy and quick payment method connection on the page or widget

Payment cards

Payment via Visa/MasterCard of any bank, anywhere in the world. Payment via NPS “Prostir”


Payment via internet banking Privat24


Payment via terminals in Privatbank network

Google Pay

Google Pay is instant payment from Google, which enables simple and fast card payments without having to enter their payment details each time

Apple Pay

Apple Pay - is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments in iOS apps, and on the web without having to enter their payment details each time

Payments QR

For payment enough to read the code using mobile camera, an app for reading QR or application WayForPay.QR.

Purchase by parts

Installment plan for holders of monobank cards, which allows you to split the purchase at a convenient number of payments. Instant landing to customers.

Pay in installments

Installment plan for A-Bank customers. Allows to pay for goods by installments online up to 12 payments.

Payment by parts

Installment plan for PrivatBank cardholders, which allows to pay for the purchase in equal parts from 2 to 12 payments.

Instant installment plan

Instant installment plan for PrivatBank cardholders. Allows you to sell goods without additional commissions for installments from the bank, up to 24 months.


Masterpass - eWallet from MasterCard, which stores the payment data in a safe place.

Visa Checkout

Payment service from Visa payment system that allows customers to add the card once and pay on any device logged in to your account.


Settlement system via QR codes from mVisa

Cash payment

Buyers will be able to pay cash for the goods at the nearest branch of the Ukrainian banks. The money will be credited to the balance of the store.

Payment bot!

Accepting payments in popular instant messengers



Розстрочка для клієнтів банку А-Банк. Дозволяє оплатити товар в розстрочку онлайн

Плати частинами


Розстрочка від Глобус Банк, для користувачів мобільного застосунку GlobusPlus, котра дозволяє розбити покупку на зручну кількість платежів

Плати частинами


Розстрочка для клієнтів банку Ощадбанк, власників карток «Моя кредитка» чи «MORE» . Дозволяє оплатити товар в розстрочку онлайн від 3 до 12 платежів


Райффайзен Банк

Онлайн розстрочка для кредитних карток Райффайзен Банку. Покупець може оплатити товар частинами на 3, 6, 12. 24 платежів, в залежності від запропонованих умов банку.

Manage payment methods in your store

Manage payment methods in your store

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