Connect payment system to the site

In WayForPay, the connection process can take no more than 15 minutes, without lengthy negotiations with managers and contract signings

3 steps to connect the payment system to the website:

Connecting an online store to the payment system takes several steps.

Registration and activation of the online store/website

Register in the service by following the link. To activate the account, fill in your store's data, specify the payment details (where do you want to receive your funds - to the card or to your current account), upload the documents. To learn more about the activation and configuration of the store, click here. After successful activation, the system will send a notification in the form of an SMS message or an e-mail letter.

Connecting payment systems to the website

Service integration by using payment modules, APIs or payment instruments, if you do not have a website. Ready-made WayForPay solutions made the process of adding payments to the website quick and easy. Ready-made payment modules for popular CMSs are available. Also the API for full integration is available. With the help of payment instruments, you can create a payment button or generate an invoice in just a few clicks without the help of IT department.

Receive the payment

Accept payments from your customers via the card or to your bank account. Payment of refunds in 1 banking day or more. Set up the additional features in the WayForPay service for your comfortable work (connect WayForPay_Bot to control payments, download a mobile application for managing payments at any time, etc.)

Try to receive payments by using WayForPay


Solutions that will help you to simply connect the payment system to the website:

Full integration - the API connection.

More opportunities when connecting an online store or website.

Simple connection using ready-made payment modules for CMSs allows you to easily and quickly set up payments for your website.

Solutions in case you don't have a website - the organization of receiving payments by using invoices.

Create an electronic invoice or a page describing the goods and a page for payment (social invoice).

If you don't have IT department, use the payment buttons to help you accept payments on your website without long and complex integration. You only have to create a payment button with the necessary parameters and add "Pay" to your button.

WayForPay payment service is a proven payment solution for online stores, service providers, hotels, travel companies, flower delivery services, freelancers and other people who sell online.

Just three steps - and your site is connected for accepting payments!