Mobile application for sellers

Now you can manage payments and the store in the mobile application

Almost like in a personal office
Configure the store, add the necessary payment methods. Change details, return or freeze payment - now you can from your mobile phone. The maximum of functionality in a mobile application
  • Create and edit product pages. tickets...
  • Analyze payments and sales
  • Manage the details for payments
  • Set up your store
  • Sign the contract and manage documents
  • Accept payments
  • Manage payment methods
We are working on making the maximum number of options accessible from mobile
And you can also use the application
Quick access to the office
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Receive payment notifications
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Change store settings
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Create and activate your mobile store
Everything is in the application - you can create and activate a store on your mobile
Create a store
Enter details for payments
Add documents, You can through Diya
Sign the contract, you can in Time
Payments can be accepted
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Download the mobile application