Shop in messengers

Bot for automatic sales of goods and services in messengers

Create your bot in Telegram or Viber using WayForPay. No programming and complex constructors

Create a bot
Your own bot for sales
Create your bot for messenger sales. Add products, arrange a bot and you can process orders.
Fast start
A simple constructor allows you to quickly create and run a simple bot for selling goods and services.
Full sales cycle
The client can select a product, indicate the delivery address and pay for the order directly in your bot.
Control of orders
View received orders and statistics in your personal account or receive notifications about orders in instant messengers.
Additional options
Create a bot for selling goods, services, cafes / restaurants. Add only the required payment methods (Google Pay, Apple Pay, card, etc.)
Bot creation is free.
Commission only for successful payments - 2.5%

Ready-made bots in messengers for selling goods and services

Use ready-made solutions for the sale of goods, services and a solution for cafes / restaurants. You only need to create your own goods, arrange a bot and can accept orders from instant messengers.

The client will be able to select a product, pay and provide information for delivery.

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How does it work?

Product creation
Register with WayForPay. Create products In Payment Instruments, in the Showcase menu.
Bot creation
Create a bot on Viber or Telegram. Add contacts, name and you can activate the bot.
Payments and orders
Control your payment in the Statistics menu or receive a notification in the messenger about each successful order in your bot.

Your bot without development

You don't need special knowledge and programmers. You just need to create your own products and customize the bot for your type of business.
A bot for sales in messengers can be created in Telegram and Viber.

Shipping and payments

In the bot, you can add a request for the delivery address from the client and accept payment online using the available payment methods in the service.

Control orders

Control orders and payments received through the bot in messengers and Personal Account.
View payment status, customer details and make a refund if necessary.

What about the rates?

Commission only for successful payments

Create a bot

What else can you do with WayForPay?

QR Menu
Free electronic menu for a cafe or restaurant

Create a menu where visitors can get acquainted with dishes and place your order

Product showcase
Billed for payment orders. Alternative POS terminal

Form the account for the client of the dishes in the order and send the payment to, or create QR for payment.

Shop Online
Create a website where the customer can arrange and pay for the order

Simple Site Designer, the delivery module and integrated popular payment methods