WayForPay Standard

Optimal payment solution for e-shops with low and medium payment turnover.
WayForPay payment solution will allow you to increase the sales effected through your web-site with little effort.
We have considered every wish and advantage for your business.
Minimum payment commission:
The commission for every successful transaction is set individually depending on your turnover and monthly number of transactions.Free connection to the system. No monthly subscription fee. No hidden payment commission.
Easy platform integration:
We facilitated the process of platform integration into your web-site to the maximum. You won’t need any expensive programmers: we have developed ready-made modules for the most popular CMS to be easily integrated into your web-site.
Cancellation of purchase and chargeback:
You can track your account and any relevant financial transactions from your profile online. If necessary, you can easily cancel the customer’s payment and charge the funds back.
Unique antifraud system:
Complex WayForPay solutions increase sales conversion, including increase due to application of a unique antifraud system implying the combination of automatic filters and manual check. Any suspicious payments undergo additional checks without automatic deviation, which decreases payment failure rate and guarantees reliable protection against fraud. Read more..

Payment solution for business

WayForPay Professional

Optimum solutions for major online-traders
with high requirements for arrangement of payment processes
Payment widget:
Payment widget is a payment platform popping up directly on the web-site of the e-shop. This form simplifies the payment process by far and reduces the number of steps to be taken by the customer to complete the purchase. All the customer needs to do is to enter minimum payment data: card number, expiry date and CVV code. The payment procedure will take place on your web-site visually, with no further redirection
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Money reserving:
The funds are not written off the buyer’s card, but stay reserved (for up to 20 days). The funds are written off the card after you confirm the payment. This service is relevant if the goods in your shop are purchased to order or if total order value cannot be confirmed at the time the purchase is made. You can customize the reserve money settlement on any day on your discretion or confirm the write off in your personal account.
Smart tokenization:
Your regular customers will need only to enter their card details once when making the first payment. All subsequent purchases will be made in one click. The less steps – the higher the sales conversion.
Work with payments in progress:
We struggle for every customer of yours. WayForPay controls and analyzes the shopping process. In case the card transaction was not completed by the customer, we mail him a notification with step-by-step instructions for further actions or contact him by phone. As a result, 50 % of uncompleted transactions become successful.

Сделайте оплату проще для клиентов!

WayForPay Travel

Ready-made solutions for acceptance of online payments by travel companies who run their business on the web.
Tour operators and travel agencies, air and railway ticket offices, hotels and booking services can accept payments on their web-sites on beneficial terms with minimum technical changes.
WayForPay provides for high transaction completion percentage – up to 95 % – through own transaction monitoring service. We manually check every payment which would be cancelled if checked automatically, analyze transactions in progress and process the abandoned carts.
Invoice service
Online service for remote invoicing via e-mail or sms. You just need to complete the online form and choose the way of funds crediting. The customer will get notification of the invoice issued with specification of goods and price. All the customer needs to do is to enter payment data and click “Pay” button.
Possibility to transfer long entries
Long entry for air tickets is extended information on itinerary receipt, transmitted for processing into the payment system together with transaction. It includes information on flights and passengers. The use of long entry allows reducing risks of fraudulent transactions and reduces payment processing cost.
Special rates
We provide reduced rates for merchants who run aviation and travel business. Work using “long entry” is one of the factors influencing the reduction of payment processing commission.

Online lending

WayForPay payment service offers technical solutions to banks
and credit and microfinance institutions, which allow lending online,
directly from the web-site of the relevant company.

What we do for companies:

verification of the borrower’s credit card
assessment of the borrower’s credit score through own scoring system
provision of full payment statistics
reduction of accounting load through adjustment to any accounting systems

Advantages for companies:

  1. online remittance of credit amount to the customer’s credit card;
  2. remittance in up to 15 minutes;
  3. convenience for the borrower: possibility to repay credit with card;
  4. repayment risk minimization;
  5. unique scoring system;
  1. possibility to charge additional fee for processing of requests for credit granting;
  2. detailed statistics for all payments in personal account;
  3. automatic credit repayment with regular payments;
  4. remittance to cards issued by any Ukrainian bank;
  5. optimal rates based on the list of services and monthly scope of transactions.